Sketchbook diary - people

I needed a little sketch book inspiration so I flipped open a magazine which just happened to be the New York Times Style Guide, set my Pandora station to French Cafe radio and got to work. 

Meet Amanda and Julie.  

Meet Amanda and Julie.  

Here's the original inspiration that I took from the magazine.  


I choose some people out of the photo and created little doodle characters and gave them an imaginary job title.  

Creativity at it's best meet Fashion Icon - Iris Apfel

American business woman, interior designer and fashion icon, Iris Apfel.

My sketch in progress of Iris Apfel.

My sketch in progress of Iris Apfel.

Have you heard of Iris Apfel? if you have then you will already be aware of her out of the box creative style and fabulousness! If you have no idea who she is then you are missing out, this lady is inspirational!
At 94 years old, you can sure learn a thing or two from this lady.

I find Iris's approach to style so refreshing, she doesn't follow trends, she doesn't care what others think, she marches to the beat of her own drum and has a lot of fun in the process.

If you're curious to find out more about this wonderfully talented lady then there is a great documentary on her called Iris (click the link to find out more and watch the trailer) and it's on Netflix! Iris has lead a fascinating life full of exotic travel, she was married to her darling husband Carl for 67 years, she has worked on all kinds of projects including restoration work at the White House and has had her personal collection of clothing, accessories and exquisite fabrics showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sketchbook diaries - Fatima

This is Fatima,and this little illustration is my tribute to her. I was introduced to her and the phenomenal work that she does through Humans of New York This lady constantly risks her life in her plight to end bonded labor in Pakistan. Reading her story was both heartbreaking and breathtakingly inspiring! You can find out more about Fatima's amazing story and can still donate Here. 

I love how the internet allows us to interact with each other, because Humans of New York highlighted Fatima's story and allowed us to donate funds to help, over 2 million dollars was raised in 10 days!

By posting my illustration on my  Instagram and facebook  accounts I was really blown away by the kind comments and love that was shared by people all over the globe, especially from the lovely people in Pakistan.

It really is wonderful how we can all connect through the internet and be apart of one big community! 

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