The art of relaxing

Living in Sarasota, Florida gives plenty of opportunity to master the art of relaxation! 

A recent trip to the fabulous ALoft Hotel roof top pool made for good inspiration for a little illustration.  

Chill-ax - To calm down and relax.  

Chill-ax - To calm down and relax.  

Beaches, pools, parks, bike rides, eating delicious food, walking my dog, binge watching chick flicks on Netflix, drinking red wine ... These are a few of my favorite ways to unwind and relax. With two days to the weekend, how do you plan on letting your hair down? 

New beginnings


I found this gem of an image @laracaseyshop 's Instagram account. I admit to being a terrible blogger but today is a new day and I am vowing to 'start today,' so cheers to today and all that it holds and look forward to lots more blogging from me in the future. 

For the love of books

This has been one of my favorite personal pieces to work on. The illustration was inspired by the realization that one day books, actual paper books that you put on a bookshelf, and magazines with paper pages that you cherish your collection of ... might become a thing of the past. I love technology, but I must admit I am a tactile person and every time I get an email from one of my beloved magazine subscriptions asking me if I want to switch to the digital version I want to scream NO!

For the love of books

Hopefully there are more of you page turning lovers out there, who when it comes to time to it, will proudly wear a t-shirt saying "save the books" But lets hope that's no time too soon.  

See how the illustration came together...

Thanks for stopping by!

Snail mail

Opening the mail box can often be a far from exciting chore, a pile of bills, junk mail, coupons to stores you've never heard of, the sight of a magazine might raise your expectations until you realize it's one that you wanted to unsubscribe from and they renewed your subscription before you got around to canceling it.  But occasionally, you get something special... A handwritten address catches your eye amongst a sea of typeface and that's the moment you know- you've got snail mail! 

Emails are great, so is social media but a handwritten note, if you ask me- it's on another level. So grab yourself some cute stationary and put pen to paper and send a little note to someone and brighten up their mail box. 

Here's a piece of snail mail that is all ready to get shipped out, complete with some washi tape and one of my illustrated stickers (coming to the ETSY shop soon!)

Here's a piece of snail mail that is all ready to get shipped out, complete with some washi tape and one of my illustrated stickers (coming to the ETSY shop soon!)

Just start

I don't know about you but I always find that starting projects can often be the hardest part. I am currently building my website and looking at my blog template and wondering when would be 'the perfect' time to start blogging and what my first post should be about... well here I am! I figured that there was no time like the present and it was about time that I just, started. 

So come along for the journey as I share what my artwork, things that inspire me, snap shots of life, and anything else that pops up along the way.