Inspiration at the Botanical Gardens

In a recent online class that I took, something the teacher said really struck a cord for me. She said "if you are looking for inspiration, go and find it." She talked about how easy it is to hop on the internet and type whatever you are looking for into the google bar but how sometimes you need a reminder to go out there (in the real world) and get inspired. 

I took her advice, I headed to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (Sarasota, Florida) in search of pattern, and there I found it in abundance. Sometimes you can forget to really pay attention to what is in-front of you but my little outing has since awakened my senses and I feel refreshed to be finding inspiration everywhere!

Not only did I find pattern but as I sat on a bench sketching some large palm leaves the scene before me sparked an idea for an illustration. 

Now I plan to get out of my studio more often and take these little field trips to keep it fresh!